Thursday, December 8, 2011

"i just don't get sick"

famous last words. i finally slept the whole night long (thanks to the blue light left on in the bathroom so the dog could see in the night), and was able to will myself out of bed when my stewie griffin "cool whip" alarm rang.

honestly, i haven't run in more than just a little while... maybe just shy of a week? but i have a 5k in new orleans in just over a week, so i really needed to just do it. i told myself i wouldn't hit home until 3 miles or 5:30, whichever came first. it ended up being one and the same.

at which point i walked inside, started feeling a little less than 100% wonderful, and turned on the shower. and then stood in the doorway of our toilet room. and dry heaved.

whaddya think, a good sign for new orleans? if i'm sick, i'm going to have to think of a punishment cruel enough for my hubby.

kinda weird, though, because i was running significantly slower than usual. it was a bit colder than usual, but would that really make me feel nauseous? or could it possibly be the man who's been sick twice in the past two months? coincidence? no, no, definitely not.

still, i'm doing that 5k.

hell or high water.

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