Saturday, April 27, 2013

Driving Miss Lazy

Weekends fly by way too fast, especially now that mine are only two days (that's a 33% cut, thank you)! This morning was lazy. Lazier than it should've been.

And then 10:00 hit, and we rushed here, there, and back again.

My poor guy decided to play chauffeur and drove me to Fresno for a bridal shower (no boys allowed, so he spent a few hours at Starbucks planning our next getaway). I can't complain - I had the fun thing to do!

There were a lot of girls that, at one point or another, had all worked at my previous place of employment; we had fun dishing on what happened there over the past few years, who's leaving, and all sorts of other drama. It was a ton of fun, honestly.

And then my trusty driver showed up to take me out to lunch. At Sweet Tomatoes. Which may have sounded better in my head than it was in reality; by that time, I wasn't feeling really wonderful. Still, it was good.

And we wrapped up the night watching "American Wedding." A great day, but now there's just one weekend day left until the work week. Ugh.

- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -

What fun did you have today?
What fun things are you doing tomorrow?

Monday, April 22, 2013

5k's and 10k's

There are just four weeks until my next half marathon. I'm excited, and even though I think that the Shamrock'n Half in Sacramento will remain my all-time fave (I already want to do it again next year), I think I want to focus on shorter (5k and 10k) distances for a while.

My first 10k was the Star 6 Memorial 5k/10k near Sacramento. That race was canceled earlier this week, but I'm not sure why; I would guess that it was for lack of participation.

I've never met a 5k I liked, but I've never met a 10k I didn't love. I think the 10k is my distance. I would love to say that the half is my distance, but every time, I want to be done at mile 8 to 11 or so, depending.

- - - - - - - - - -

What's your favorite distance? At what mileage do you stop loving running?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy hump day!

I wrote line of a long catch-up post last week, took my time with it and...then it was gone. Ugh. So I've held a grudge for a while. (And oh yeah, kinda weird that most of my audience is in Russia. I've heard that in fact this is not "kinda weird" at all, but more like "kinda normal," so oh well.)

My new job is going great so far. I really like training and I'm learning a lot; I don't like sitting in my car for an hour during lunch, and being trapped with four walls for eight hours a day is kinda draining, but otherwise, I really like it.

There are just over four weeks until my next half marathon, and once again I'm nervous because I haven't been running nearly as much or as often as I should (but on the bright side, I have started cross-training).

A lot has gone on over the past two weeks or so.

Here and there, I've run alone or we've run together. Fun was had. Calories were burned. Hills killed.

We went to Costco early one morning just as they were opening...

...and now we both wonder why people start lining up at least twenty minutes before the place opens. (By the way, we were only there that early because we were going around town doing errands. We didn't line up, thanks.)

We went to our favorite pizza place (Fatte Albert's on Main St in Visalia), and saw one of the guys from Duck Dynasty playing an arcade game, Big Buck Hunting. Oooooh boy. We had a hard time not laughing out loud.

Last weekend, we saw a U2 knockoff (is that what you'd call it?) band called The Joshua Tree. They were really good. And then some people got engaged. I love being married, but yuck - get engaged with a hundred pairs of eyes on you and your pregnant girlfriend? Um...not my scene.

And then, there's the elliptical.

Our elliptical is 15 times harder than any other elliptical I've ever tried. Usually, I can do thirty minutes, no big deal. But this one, I'm proud of the ten minutes I did last night. Tonight, the plan is to "warm up" (slash kill myself) on it again for ten minutes, then start running. Kinda scary.

And it's hump day. This week is officially half over.