Monday, April 22, 2013

5k's and 10k's

There are just four weeks until my next half marathon. I'm excited, and even though I think that the Shamrock'n Half in Sacramento will remain my all-time fave (I already want to do it again next year), I think I want to focus on shorter (5k and 10k) distances for a while.

My first 10k was the Star 6 Memorial 5k/10k near Sacramento. That race was canceled earlier this week, but I'm not sure why; I would guess that it was for lack of participation.

I've never met a 5k I liked, but I've never met a 10k I didn't love. I think the 10k is my distance. I would love to say that the half is my distance, but every time, I want to be done at mile 8 to 11 or so, depending.

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What's your favorite distance? At what mileage do you stop loving running?

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