Saturday, June 22, 2013

What does "strong" mean?

I've been accused of being a "strong woman."


"Yes. 'Accused.'"

I think of "strong women" as tough. Determined. Won't budge. Strong-willed. Hard-hearted. Most of those things I'll admit I can be.

But it's the context, right? I should probably admit, I wasn't there. It was a second-hand story. The person who said it, mildly intimidates me, and is herself, a VERY strong woman. But it was said as a compliment.

I might be a little...? (I don't know the word.) But I wonder if it was just meant as a passing comment, something you say but don't really mean.

Paranoid! That's the word. Am I being paranoid?

Why are we friends?

I can't be the only one to question people's motives. Why are we friends? What's the purpose? Is there a purpose? What do you want? What do I want? Are we dragging each other down, or bringing each other up? Making each other better (or worse) people than we were yesterday?

Sometimes, it's a mystery. And it makes it more difficult to truly let people in. I'm just doing my best, living my life and working to be the best person I can be.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

He shoots, he scores!

I didn't start running until an hour or two later than I had intended, because I didn't go to bed until after midnight. It was already warm when I headed out the door, and from the word 'go,' my legs felt heavy and I was tired. Still, I had done the bare minimum for the past few days, and I was determined to pull out at least the two-and-a-half mile loop. Even in the heat.

I ran it. I ran most of it, only walking a few times, for about fifteen seconds at a time. I felt tired, deflated (after my awesome-fast one-miler the other day), and I just wanted to be done. It was a bad run, but it was almost over.

I turned onto the street leading home, and I saw a young guy, probably high school age, shooting hoops there in the street. I hate having to walk when people can see me, so I determined to keep running. He kept shooting and missing. Shoot, miss; shoot, miss; shoot, miss.

"Good morning," he said.

"C'mon...'he shoots, he scores!' Let's see it!"

He laughed and kept shooting as I passed him, and I kept hearing the shoot, thud (missed again); shoot, thud; shoot, thud. Just before I had to turn onto my street, I turned around to check on him, and it was perfect: I caught him just as the ball flew into the air, and watched the nothing-but-net swish.

I shouted back at him, "there ya' go!" He laughed again, and I ran the last tenth of a mile back home, smiling the whole way. I don't even think he'll ever know how just being out there changed my day. It's that kind of thing that can change any run for me. Just saying 'good morning' or waving to someone else one the road - a biker, a walker, or a fellow runner - changes everything.

What can change your run around?
How was your last run?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Random phone dump, catching up

I may have eaten way too much bad stuff recently; I'm become anorexic, two or three hours at a time. I never get Starbucks, because whenever I do, I end up regretting it. This last time was no exception. I got a caramel frappuccino, non-fat, but with whipped (because a frapp isn't a frapp without the whipped, I'm sorry, I just can't). Regretted it from sip #2. Swear I'll never do it again, but give it a month or two, and I'll do it again. Never fail.

But, at least I had some decent runs. I've increased my mileage total, and I've SERIOUSLY upped the number of days I run. So far, my streak has lasted 19 days. When I told my hubby about the #rwrunstreak, he thought I was crazy for running naked. That was a silly conversation.

I look so old in the picture below, but I was prepared for an awesome night that would sap my energy and weaken my patience. Still, it was incredibly fun, but I learned a lot about people who get so drunk that they won't remember anything the next morning. It was a learning experience.

Do you ever notice - or does it ever happen to you? - that when you wear THAT race shirt, the race that you're so proud of, that your run seems that much better? You feel that much stronger? Maybe it's just me.

I love this neighborhood. One morning, I came across this bird (what is it, anyway?). I love the little fishing pond where everyone hangs out, especially on Sunday mornings, in tents and sleeping bags in the winter, and under shady trees and at the picnic tables in the summer.

I hadn't worn this shirt in at least a year, but when I found it in my closet this past week, I decided to give it a go, because - why did I stop wearing this, anyway? Oh yeah, that's why. Fortunately, the rip didn't show anything.

I can put some of my hair in a hair tie now! I can't believe my hair is growing so fast recently (well, I can, but y''s something to say)! I guess a haircut is in order.

Yummy! I love food (who doesn't, right?). Tim made these awesome yummy stuffed zucchinis the other day, and they were so awesome. Yummy awesomeness that I almost immediately spilled on the couch. (Yes, we eat dinner while watching tosh.0 most nights.) I've been clumsy all week.

When I ran this morning, I didn't have much time, so I cut it down to just a mile (+ .28 or so), but I managed to pull out a 9:22 average pace. I'm still not sure where that came from! It was amazing.

And this is my Love. My cheer squad when I return from my run. I love this guy.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Streaking, and what's on the horizon

I've completed 16 days of the #rwrunstreak, and I think it might finally sink in this time. I've never done a running streak before, but I think this time, it might just become a habit. A habit I could definitely live with. A habit I don't want to live without. I've had the other kind, and those aren't my cup of tea.

The last time I ran this frequently, was over a year and a half ago, just before we moved. I would run in the early mornings or on my way home from work (at the YMCA), but for some reason, up until now it just hasn't stuck with me. Before we moved, the farthest I'd run was seven miles without walking. In the new neighborhood, my max was five. Close, but no cigar by any means.

I once had a goal mileage, usually per month. I calculated my mileage on google maps, because I didn't have a Garmin (gasp!) and my poor cell phone was only complex enough to send/receive (a) phone calls and (b) text messages; that was it. I do but I don't miss those days.

Plus, the old neighborhood was more or less along a grid. I had rectangular loops I could choose from: there was the one-mile loop (where I would run past a Delorean), the two-mile loop (where I ran past the cop's house, which made me feel more safe for some crazy reason - he was probably sleeping), and the four-mile loop (with a couple patches of sketchiness, darkness, and a number of traffic lights, which slowed me down). During that seven-miler, I ran each loop once. I was so proud of myself for running the whole thing. 

I want that feeling again. That seven-mile triple-loop helped prepare me for my 10Ks, both of which I ran without walking. I love 10Ks; 5Ks are not my friend.

I guess I'm looking for another 10K to do. Something I haven't done before. Not the Star6 Memorial. Not the Sacramento ZooZoom. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirts. 

So what about this one? Sounds kinda cute: The Human Race. Umm...did you see the part where the registration is $25? Sign me up! Hmm...might be a 5K only. 

What's up  next on YOUR race calendar?
I got a whole lotta nothin', anywhere on my racing horizon. I'm just trying to build endurance. And a little bit of speed (it'd be nice to get back down to 9:30-ish, where I was before I became a complete slacker)! Oh, and I wouldn't complain if I lost a few pounds...or twenty!

Monday, June 10, 2013

My early morning nap

This morning was unique: we woke up to country radio, snuggled for a song or two, then my Love rolled over to tag one he liked, but instead of starting his app, he turned off the radio. (Don't worry: I'm already well acquainted with the song and artist.)

So we hopped struggled, moaning and groaning out of bed, wondering why it just couldn't be Sunday again. Before we truly realized we were awake, we were dressed and out the door, ready to run. I told him I wouldn't tell anyone if we just walked today; but he refused, and said he didn't want to get back to the house too late, so we should run. Ugh. 

Yadda, yadda... we warmed up, ran, walked, ran, walked... cooled down. And then it was shower time, as usual. And I was more tired than usual, so I went back to bed, and napped from about 6:00 until 7:00.

So, that's what was so amazing and unique: I woke up at 4:15, and napped for an hour before I left for work. I loved waking up and remembering that I wasn't really in a hurry to run, or shower, or anything! I just had to get dressed and go. It was perfect.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bad Pam?

I baked something so disgusting tonight, that my Love practically spit his out. He took a normal bite, thought something was off, took another very hesitant, very tentative bite, and retched, putting it back on the plate, then running for an ice cream bar to cleanse his palate.

What did I do? I finished mine and his, all the while admitting that something wad definitely wrong - ALL WRONG! But what? I couldn't figure it out, so I kept eating.

And now I still have that foul chemical/rancid taste in my mouth. It's completely disgusting, and it won't go away. It's stuck in my throat and my nose and chest. It feels like it may never go away.


And it wasn't even a Pinterest fail. This was all on one (or more) of my ingredients! I think it was the Pam.

Have you ever had bad Pam?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Too popped to poop

Despite my most awesome run with my sweetie this morning (his first intervals! in which we reached max speeds of 8:45-ish!), I had kind of a rough day.

I started by snapping at a friend, over text. Who does that? Well, me, apparently. But I was nice to the jerk next to me at work, the guy that annoys me to no end (I've figured out it's because he reminds me of my little brother, which - since I realized that - has made me exponentially more patient with him).

And now, I'm on the couch. And I'm completely worn out. I didn't sleep well last night, and I'm really uncomfortable the entire time I'm at work (there's NO air conditioning, only fans, and it was 100* outside today). Can I just go to bed without dinner? I think that's what I need today.

I can barely keep my eyes open anyway...

PS It's day #7 of my running streak!