Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Streaking, and what's on the horizon

I've completed 16 days of the #rwrunstreak, and I think it might finally sink in this time. I've never done a running streak before, but I think this time, it might just become a habit. A habit I could definitely live with. A habit I don't want to live without. I've had the other kind, and those aren't my cup of tea.

The last time I ran this frequently, was over a year and a half ago, just before we moved. I would run in the early mornings or on my way home from work (at the YMCA), but for some reason, up until now it just hasn't stuck with me. Before we moved, the farthest I'd run was seven miles without walking. In the new neighborhood, my max was five. Close, but no cigar by any means.

I once had a goal mileage, usually per month. I calculated my mileage on google maps, because I didn't have a Garmin (gasp!) and my poor cell phone was only complex enough to send/receive (a) phone calls and (b) text messages; that was it. I do but I don't miss those days.

Plus, the old neighborhood was more or less along a grid. I had rectangular loops I could choose from: there was the one-mile loop (where I would run past a Delorean), the two-mile loop (where I ran past the cop's house, which made me feel more safe for some crazy reason - he was probably sleeping), and the four-mile loop (with a couple patches of sketchiness, darkness, and a number of traffic lights, which slowed me down). During that seven-miler, I ran each loop once. I was so proud of myself for running the whole thing. 

I want that feeling again. That seven-mile triple-loop helped prepare me for my 10Ks, both of which I ran without walking. I love 10Ks; 5Ks are not my friend.

I guess I'm looking for another 10K to do. Something I haven't done before. Not the Star6 Memorial. Not the Sacramento ZooZoom. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirts. 

So what about this one? Sounds kinda cute: The Human Race. Umm...did you see the part where the registration is $25? Sign me up! Hmm...might be a 5K only. 

What's up  next on YOUR race calendar?
I got a whole lotta nothin', anywhere on my racing horizon. I'm just trying to build endurance. And a little bit of speed (it'd be nice to get back down to 9:30-ish, where I was before I became a complete slacker)! Oh, and I wouldn't complain if I lost a few pounds...or twenty!

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