Monday, October 24, 2011

the hiatus continues...

cleaning. wiping. rinsing. dusting. carrying. lifting. dry heaving. more cleaning.

but no running. at least for another week or two...

Friday, October 14, 2011


running downtown was amazing and fun and i would just love to have thay option every day. but i don't. so i'm looking on the bright side: in just a few weeks, i can run in the mornings (at the lovely park literally right across the street from our house) before work, and still have time to take a shower, eat breakfast, and get to work at least 20 minutes before the doors are unlocked. and this is a good thing, by the way.

anyway, running today was great. it was too hot, especially for what i was wearing, i was literally dripping sweat when i used the bathroom at McD's, but it was great.

super shocked to see that i was going way faster than i thought i ever could, but again, that's a good thing. i'm excited to return to running after what will be a month-long hiatus. i can hardly wait!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


tomorrow, we head north for what was supposed to be an outing with a mutual friend from high school, but he had to back out because his 8-months-pregnant-with-twins wife was put on bed rest. so, undeterred, we say the show must go on. we're going on the outing just the two of us.

while "someone" has an appointment and meets with some other high-falutin' business folks, i decided how to kill those one or two hours: run... duh!

i can hardly wait to run around p'ville, where i went to high school and even some college classes. i haven't seen most of the town for years, only the tourist-y places, the cute downtown area, which is cute, for sure, but not exactly conducive to running. another reason for all this excitement is testing out my new (to me) garmin. i hope the not-craigslist-killer didn't pull a fast one on me!

Friday, October 7, 2011

not the craigslist killer

i have wanted a garmin since i've seen them, so i was cruisin' craigslist for one. pretty much every one of them in any of the surrounding areas was $150 or more, and i didn't see the point in spending so much on a used one.

yadda, yadda... a little drama here and there, long story short, i got a garmin 205 for $45. now to test it out... sad news, though: i have to wait because it came sans charger.

if this thing works, it'll be a great deal.
if not, i will be upset royally, and will swear off craigslist.

I just can't wait to try it!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i quit

as in, past tense. i no longer go to the gym here in town. for a couple of reasons: first and foremost, i prefer running outside. secondly, the weather around here is finally cooling off (it rained last night, and tonight we have the window open and we put a light comforter on the bed). third, and by far the most anticlimactic... we are supposed to be busy packing to move. but as of yet, we only have a few boxes of stuff, not even enough to say "we've started packing."

so i'm kind of at a standstill. i melt when i run outside right now. also, it's a but less than the ideal neighborhood to run around, with gang tags all over the place. at the same time, maybe we should start packing so we don't have to rush as much later.

i feel bad, though. i'm not much of a social person, so i was totally bummed out when a coworker friend told me about a run some other coworkers are doing later this month. yeah, it would be great, but... it kinda interferes with the whole packing, moving, and resituating our lives.

maybe a thanksgiving run would be more convenient. and cooler.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

it had to be done

and i was just the person to do it. make myself run. so i did. i ran for almost two miles straight, but it was still pretty hot outside, way warmer than i'm used to, so i may have to readjust physically or mentally so i get myself back up to speed.

also, since today was my first day back on the dusty trail... back on the road again... pounding pavement... i remembered exactly why I'm not the hugest fan of running around here: suspicious activity... gang tags... random shopping carts left in random places... dogs left to run wild and get hit by cars... drug deals taking place... people having sex in the park... the list goes on (naturally).

this week, we expect to sign the paperwork making the new house "ours." and then the fun (and overwhelming, never-ending stress) begins! packing and unpacking, organizing and reorganizing, moving, renting and returning trucks, arranging and rearranging tons of stuff we may never need.

now do you understand why i'm having issues with endurance this week? it's hard (for me) to think about running longer and longer distances when i don't feel like i can keep up with my daily life, stress-filled like it is at the moment. plus, it would be really wonderful if the temperature would cool down just a little, like maybe 20°. is that too much to ask?