Monday, July 30, 2012

Wanna bet?

I did it.

I signed up for the half next month. And I woke up to my alarm at 4:00 this morning. Yay and yippee for me!

I ran. This morning. Not a very long time or distance, but I did it. It really happened. And ya know what? It's gonna happen tomorrow morning, too. Whatcha wanna bet?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The impatient people watcher

This morning was...


I had to shop for this bridal shower tonight, and because I'm not a very good (or, more to the point, patient) shopper, it took me hours - HOURS - to find something suitable. Note: the above wasn't it.

At least I had fun people watching, and realizing how different (and how similar) this place is, compared to the rest of the U.S. Things like this will never cease to amaze me, how you can go from one place to another, and there are always some similarities.

But, focusing on the task at hand became a but challenging when I started having trouble finding anything I thought would work. So I went into an anchor store and found these in the kid section. Maybe not appropriate. Still, it would be fun to see her expression.

I wonder if anyone will give gag undies.

Oops, I accidentally found something for myself (but who can turn down the perfect Hawaiian-style dress for $8 when the original price was $20? Not me.) It'll be great for when we go to Hawaii this fall.

I didn't get to run today. I woke up and was ready to go in my running stuff, but when my hubby mentioned a long bike ride with a picnic in the middle, I said yes, and went on my errands first. As it happened, it took me way too long, and it was stifling hot by the time I got back. Plus, I was starving right then, and SOMEONE had already eaten. Bust. Rain checked it for tomorrow, though.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Birdy momma and second breakfasts

Today was one of those days. Those creative, think-outside-the-box days. One of those days that I just didn't want to be contained in four white walls. So I spent almost the entire day upstairs, surrounded by four white walls, with 16 and Pregnant, then Teen Mom, on in the background. Wait, the TV came a little later in the day. Let's rewind, shall we?

I didn't much feel like a run this morning, so in lieu of that, but still wanting my daily dose of my favorite drug (endorphins), I strapped on my rollerblades, and traded off skating (which worked one group of muscles), then pushing and pulling my legs apart and together to propel myself forward (which worked an entirely different set of muscles, muscles which sorely needed a good taste of hard work).

It was a very fun change of pace, but the push/pull deal was very slow going. A great workout, but so slooooow! It's okay, it was a great excuse to whip out my cell camera and take time to smell the roses. Or jasmine. Whatever.

I guess I made the mistake of posing underneath a tree where mama bird was guarding her baby birds, and she didn't quit squawking at me until I rolled away. Not before I tried to get her mug on film, though.

I used to complain about my running routes where we lived, but since we moved to this neighborhood, ahh...not a peep from me! I can definitely deal with the tree-lined streets and people walking, biking, and running with their family and friends. Oh yeah, and fishing. There is the cutest little fishing pond, and it is packed almost every Sunday afternoon.

Taking a page from The Everywhereist's book (and "The Lord of the Rings"), I had a second breakfast. I failed in a couple of parts, though: there were no pastries involved, and it was what I ate instead of a more traditional lunch. I know, forgive me. I promise to take my life in the most disgusting way possible.

I spent most of the rest of the day making a card for a bridal shower I'm going to tomorrow, but it ended up being more of a wedding card, so I had to make another one, specifically for the bride.

Dinner was great. I was the only one who felt anything resembling hungry, so it was my call, and I chose baked potatoes with turkey chili on top (no cheese, thank you very much). Total yum, plus I really hope it will provide me with some much-needed potassium.

Tomorrow I'm planning on running, shopping, wrapping, and gossiping with girls at this shower thing. I've never been to a bridal shower, except my own.

Wait. No. Not true. I've been to one other. Still, it's been a while.

For today, though, stick a fork in me, 'cause I am done! Good night!

Monday, July 23, 2012

A night's not the only time of day

Sitting here alone on the back deck, enjoying the oppressive, stifling, completely gross and disgusting heat, I enjoy the day dreaming. I always loved "Newsies," but I think that song was incorrect.

When Jack sings, "I'm alone alone but I ain't lonely / For a dream, a night's the only time o' day," it's just not right. Dreaming during the day is so much more rewarding! You can dream about running longer and faster; in your night dreams, nothing happens, but in your day dreams, you can make it happen. Dream it, do it!

What are you dreaming about today?
...I'm dreaming about waking up running before work tomorrow morning, and preparing for that half marathon next month!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not December 1963, but...

Oh what a night (or, rather, day)!

I ran: good thing.

I sat on an ant hill, and the little buggers got angry: bad thing.

After much sweat and frustration (bad things), we set up our new canopy thing (good thing), and it might not get much use until it starts to cool down.

We had a great night, filled with appetizers, dinner, a movie, and lots of laughs with ma and the boys (very good things, all).

And finally, end on a good note: I might have to learn this trick.

My life as a game show

Do you ever think, "if my life were on TV, what would it be"? Well, I do. And my answer varies depending on the circumstances I'm facing at the time.

Right now, as I'm officially training for that half marathon next month, I think the TV show that most closely resembles my life is "Survivor."

A month ago, I would have said that race one where teams travel around the world...whatever it's called. I forget the names.

A week ago, I would have said "The Mole" or "Big Brother" (whichever is the one where you don't know who the informant is, or the one where you're always being watched.

Speaking of being watched, I gotta go run!

So, what would your life on TV be like? Game show? Reality? News? Sit-com, drama? A period piece? BBC comedy, Monty Python?

Eating an elephant

It's been said, that you eat an elephant one bite at a time. And that is how I plan to run this Hell of a Half next month. I'm using it as a punishment of sorts, a reminder that I need to continue running if I want to maintain that level of fitness and overall health and well-being.

So today, I run. Despite the heat. Despite that I'm tired. Despite that I would really rather just sit down and read and nap all day.

On a side note, I'm looking for a magazine to subscribe to that might give me ideas and plans, motivation and success stories. I was thinking Runner's World, but I can't find one to sample. I bought a Women's Health, which is okay, but geared more towards the cross-trainer, the do-it-in-your-spare-timer. Which is fine, but not what I'm looking for. Any ideas? What is your go-to mag?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A twister! And you were there...

This past month has been the biggest blur. It all started with our first trip with S&C, to San Francisco for gay pride.

We were pride virgins, and thought it was great. S&C are not pride virgins, and thought maybe
we should try a different location next year, maybe San Diego.

And then, there was my couple of days in Monterey, just me and the guys.

Seriously fun. But then, there was a bit of alone time before my mommy came to visit me...or maybe it was just for the ice cream.

Or maybe it was just to fatten me up, but trust me: I don't need help.

The chocolate cake/cheesecake was great, though. Then there was Disney World, filled with laughs, love, hugs, food, and tons and tons of frustration.

And when we got home, Lady had taken a chunk out of Snowball, and we had to put him to sleep.

All this happened in less than a month! What did YOU do this month? I'm looking forward to a more relaxed August. Hopefully.

Monday, July 16, 2012

20 in a 40

Today's commute to work was a test in patience for me. Right out of the gate (seriously, less than a quarter mile from my house), I got behind a guy doing 20 mph in a 40 mph zone. I know he was doing it to be a jerk, though, because his bumper sticker said (and I quote): "I'm only driving like this to piss you off."

When I started getting closer and closer to him (because I gained on him in a hurry, but technically didn't tailgate him), he slowed down to 10 or 15 mph, and I'm not even kidding. Then he stopped in the middle of the road, and I didn't pass him because it was the middle of the road. Finally, painfully, he pulled over and I passed him, and he gave me an evil stare.

Ah, dude. What do you think I care? I got around you! I'm on my way! Wahoo! Nothin' but free road in front...

CRAP. I got behind another guy, this time going (and I'm not exaggerating) 15 mph in a 50 mph zone. Umm...hello? Is it a full moon? Is there a cop watching me that I don't know about? What am I missing?

Are these all signs that maybe I need to slow down a bit, chill, focus on things? I have so many balls in the air, I almost get lost, and instead of conquering a couple of things on my to-do list, making a satisfactory check mark, I do nothing. I doodle. I watch TV. My list remains untouched. No check marks.

Still, I'm going to run this Hell of a Half marathon sometime in mid-August.

Just realized what a rambling post this is. Only serves to demonstrate how scattered I am on the inside.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cartoons and finish lines

I think it's about time for another weekend visit to cartoon land; remember last time, L's graduation?

Well, it was fun then, and I think it'll be fun this time, too. Nobody is graduating, and in fact nothing truly out of this world spectacular is going on, but it just seems the time is right for another visit from the cartoon camera fairy.

Food should look interesting, and we're having a food party (two couples, just the four of us) for dinner tomorrow. Running scenes (I'm looking forward to seeing how my sweaty face looks) should be different. Pets (sans the furry one, as we are still mourning our loss) might look a mite peculiar. We'll just have to see.

But yeah, you read me right: my triumphant return to running commences this weekend, starting tomorrow morning at 7:30, and at some point culminating in my registering for the Hell of a Half, taking place in mid-August. I'm nowhere near prepared for it, but I need something to kick my butt into high gear, some reason to run, some motivation to get up when my 4 a.m. alarm rings.

But I will be ready. Ready for a finishers medal. Ready for free breakfast post-race. Ready for the sandals included with admission. Ready for motivation. Ready for Ricky Hill (from what I hear, it's a total killer). Ready to help inaugurate this race. Ready to cross my second half marathon finish line (because unless I pass out, ain't nothin' keeping me from crossing that finish line, and that includes puke)!

The countdown is ON, baby!

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Fightin' words!

I work with some other runners, and there's one in particular that I choose to share info with (info like, "did you hear about this race next weekend?" or "I set a new PR!"). Yesterday, I told him there's a half marathon going on sometime in the middle of next month, and I said "I'm thinking about doing it." And then... He said I'm always "thinking about it," not so much actually doing it. Them's fightin' words!

That. Is. It. I'm doing it! Hell of a Half. Exeter. I'm so there. Gonna sign up this weekend.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A lump of fur

As of yesterday at noon, my life changed. Because of this guy. This cute, cuddly ball of fur.

While we were on vacation, Lady attacked him (as usual), tearing out at least two of his teeth, and leaving one clinging by the root to the gum.

This furball enhanced our lives (and our life together) so much; it's indescribable, really. He was my first dog, but my husband is particularly attached to him.

He's such a funny dog, such a lover, a cuddler. Adorable. Words can't describe. He made us happy and sad, mad and frustrated, and glad to be alive and to be able to know this silly four-legged creature that seemed more human than animal.

He was our (not-so) brave protector, the one that would alert us to "intruders," then run and have one of us check it out. He liked keeping an eye on each of us. He would always position himself so that he could see both of us, or if one of us decided to move, he would be the first to know, and then alert the other person that someone was on the move.

He communicated so well with just a glance. When he looked at you, he meant it. When he put his head on your knee or foot, that was your indication that he wanted cuddles. And did you know that Eskie cuddles have healing powers? Not only physical, but emotional. He knew when you were sick, or just sad, lonely, or mad.

I know he'll miss us, but right now, I'm more concerned with how we'll be able to cope with life without him, and the comforting jingle-jangle of his collar. His bark, his grumbling at Lady, willing her to get out of his way.

We love you, Snowball. Forever and always.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fuster clucks

Top fuster clucks of this trip to Disney World, in order of how I remember them:

1. Getting through security in Orlando

2. Getting a locker for Harry Potter

3. Opening our locker for Harry Potter

4. Trying, then giving up, on getting a locker for the Men In Black ride

5. The Harry Potter store (which you have to go through every single time you exit the ride)

PLEASE NOTE: None of these complaints had anything to do with Disney; that is not because Disney pays me (they don't, but I'm open for business). It's because Disney knows what they're doing; they plan accordingly. There were no Disney fuster clucks as far as I can remember; it was crowded in spots, but never uncomfortable, and I never felt claustrophobic in the slightest (I can't say that much for the Universal parks)!

That said, I'm still excited to go to Harry Potter when it's completed at the LA location! I could drink my weight in butter beer, frozen or regular, doesn't matter to me!

PS Dear Disney, I love you!

Hitting the ground running

Sadly, despite my best efforts, I didn't run at all on this vacation (unless you count into my sweetie's arms or from one plane to another, that we were afraid we would miss). Boo for no sustained periods of intentionally running as exercise! But at least we all had a good (or, in some cases, "decent" or "adequate") time.

I had a crazy awesome time. I usually get jet-lagged traveling East, but this time, it was traveling West that killed both of us.

I landed, got picked up, and the lot of us headed straight over to the parks. Hilarity ensued...

L, the oldest of Ma's grandkids, just graduated from high school in June with a 4.54 GPA or something crazy like that; she's crazy smart, and driven, but also incredibly balanced. I always thought of people like that as totally one-dimensional. Not this chick!

She is awesome. I love her so much, and I'm so excited that she will be going to school not far from here, which means we can kidnap her (but only for her first semester, boo)!

She even told me in a private moment (which is what I call it when I hug her so tight that nobody else can hear us) that she is glad that I married her uncle, and that I'm her favorite aunt (not much competition, she has only a few others, but I loved hearing it). How cute is she, right? I think she's my #1 fan.

...then again, it might be a tie, because this guy is crazy about me, too. And I'm crazy about him, even if he didn't want to squeeze me or get squeezed by me as much as I wanted to squeeze or get squeezed by him. This guy, 17-year-old E, is a big ol' softy, and such a total love. He went on a number of rides with just me, including some kiddie ones! What. A. Cutie! Just love this guy.

He even smiled for a self portrait while we were on safari at Animal Kingdom! Seriously, how great is this guy? Pretty freaking great!

Here is E's mom, D; she's awesome too, bit I think she resented the fact that the kids like me so much. And that I asked her about her ex-husband and how he's doing. (Obviously, I like him better, right? Yeah, not quite.) I guess everyone has their quirks, and I love D.

J here is in the middle of L (J's daughter) and my hubby (J's younger brother). We ate at T-Rex, which was great (as usual), and even topped the night off with a chocolate explosion, total yum! There was a lot going on in the restaurant, so I managed to get this un-staged photo.

It was a great time. I can't wait until the next time we all get together... Perhaps when L moves South for college? Eh? I know we will see J this fall at the latest, because she's coming on another trip with us (and her youngest daughter, H, who may be my #1 #1 fan. She was my first #1 fan, so I guess she's got dibs.

Tough times, even for celebrities!

I woke up at 3am the morning I was scheduled to fly from Fresno to LA, and then to Orlando to meet up with my hubby (who is developing a thing for going on vacation without me, what a jerk) and most of his family (technically, they're my family too; I love the heck out of them), already saturated in all things Disney- and Universal-related.

When I'm alone, I get sort of...weird. I become more crazy (yes, I get crazier than usual; yes, there is such a thing; it can be done, and I do it). Usually, I'm pretty reserved and introverted; there's something about airports and airplanes, however. Something makes me okay with talking to complete and total strangers. Also, making random comments and carrying on random conversations.

Like with this dude in LAX. The waiting area to get on the plane headed for Orlando was packed, so he ended up sitting next to me, and eventually commented that the gate attendant looked like Michael Douglas. I dared him to go compliment the guy on his film career, or just say "I loved you in ' The American President,'" but he wouldn't do it.

He dared me to go ask for a picture with him, but by that time, the guy was busy checking people onto the plane. Besides, who would take the picture? Eventually, my boarding group was called, and I got my phone camera ready, just in case I worked up the nerve. MD turned out to be a fast checker-inner, but when I got up there, I asked him if anyone ever told him he looks like MD. He said yes, sometimes. I took my leap, asked for a picture with him, and threw my phone to the twenty-something guy in line behind me.

This gate attendant completely made my day. I quickly texted the pic to my hubby, who shared it with everyone else, and they all had a good laugh. I will never, ever forget that gate attendant.

I think Alexander would have been (is) proud. I think he may have done something like that; I want to do more things like that.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

In 5... 4... 3...

I need to go to sleep. I have to wake up as early as a morning radio talk show host! And my very limited time to sleep tonight is very quickly dwindling. Maybe it's because I was running myself ragged around the house, checking, checking, and checking again. Making sure this, making sure that.

I can't be the only person who does this. Then why does it always feel like I'm the only one who consistently forgets her coffee cup and/or lunch bag at her desk every day? Could it be that I'm the only one who notices I'm insane? No. No, it can't. Everyone knows I'm a little (or a lot) crazy.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

An upward slant

I've noticed some things about myself this weekend, first and foremost: I am an upbeat, positive person. And I am much less stressed than I was just five or six years ago. Here's a symptom of my positivity:

My to-do list for today slants up. Yes, my handwriting is neat, but the point really is that it slants up. Positive. Hope. Joy. Love. Peace.

It's funny, I think, that I consider myself kind of a stressed person at work (but for the most part, only there), but in my personal life, I am not. In fact, I'm very low, low, loooow-maintenance. Very. Like, seriously low maintenance.

It doesn't take much to make me happy. I need few things in this life:
1 Love, demonstrated
2 Sleep
3 Chocolate
4 Alone time, occasionally

Beyind that, I'm good. I don't stress about where or what to eat. I don't need my drinks at a certain temperature (unlike a certain attorney I knew). I don't need to watch the movie I want to watch; I don't even need to watch a movie. Or tv.

What do you need, in order to be happy, and satisfied with your life?

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