Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hitting the ground running

Sadly, despite my best efforts, I didn't run at all on this vacation (unless you count into my sweetie's arms or from one plane to another, that we were afraid we would miss). Boo for no sustained periods of intentionally running as exercise! But at least we all had a good (or, in some cases, "decent" or "adequate") time.

I had a crazy awesome time. I usually get jet-lagged traveling East, but this time, it was traveling West that killed both of us.

I landed, got picked up, and the lot of us headed straight over to the parks. Hilarity ensued...

L, the oldest of Ma's grandkids, just graduated from high school in June with a 4.54 GPA or something crazy like that; she's crazy smart, and driven, but also incredibly balanced. I always thought of people like that as totally one-dimensional. Not this chick!

She is awesome. I love her so much, and I'm so excited that she will be going to school not far from here, which means we can kidnap her (but only for her first semester, boo)!

She even told me in a private moment (which is what I call it when I hug her so tight that nobody else can hear us) that she is glad that I married her uncle, and that I'm her favorite aunt (not much competition, she has only a few others, but I loved hearing it). How cute is she, right? I think she's my #1 fan.

...then again, it might be a tie, because this guy is crazy about me, too. And I'm crazy about him, even if he didn't want to squeeze me or get squeezed by me as much as I wanted to squeeze or get squeezed by him. This guy, 17-year-old E, is a big ol' softy, and such a total love. He went on a number of rides with just me, including some kiddie ones! What. A. Cutie! Just love this guy.

He even smiled for a self portrait while we were on safari at Animal Kingdom! Seriously, how great is this guy? Pretty freaking great!

Here is E's mom, D; she's awesome too, bit I think she resented the fact that the kids like me so much. And that I asked her about her ex-husband and how he's doing. (Obviously, I like him better, right? Yeah, not quite.) I guess everyone has their quirks, and I love D.

J here is in the middle of L (J's daughter) and my hubby (J's younger brother). We ate at T-Rex, which was great (as usual), and even topped the night off with a chocolate explosion, total yum! There was a lot going on in the restaurant, so I managed to get this un-staged photo.

It was a great time. I can't wait until the next time we all get together... Perhaps when L moves South for college? Eh? I know we will see J this fall at the latest, because she's coming on another trip with us (and her youngest daughter, H, who may be my #1 #1 fan. She was my first #1 fan, so I guess she's got dibs.

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