Thursday, July 19, 2012

A twister! And you were there...

This past month has been the biggest blur. It all started with our first trip with S&C, to San Francisco for gay pride.

We were pride virgins, and thought it was great. S&C are not pride virgins, and thought maybe
we should try a different location next year, maybe San Diego.

And then, there was my couple of days in Monterey, just me and the guys.

Seriously fun. But then, there was a bit of alone time before my mommy came to visit me...or maybe it was just for the ice cream.

Or maybe it was just to fatten me up, but trust me: I don't need help.

The chocolate cake/cheesecake was great, though. Then there was Disney World, filled with laughs, love, hugs, food, and tons and tons of frustration.

And when we got home, Lady had taken a chunk out of Snowball, and we had to put him to sleep.

All this happened in less than a month! What did YOU do this month? I'm looking forward to a more relaxed August. Hopefully.

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