Saturday, July 28, 2012

The impatient people watcher

This morning was...


I had to shop for this bridal shower tonight, and because I'm not a very good (or, more to the point, patient) shopper, it took me hours - HOURS - to find something suitable. Note: the above wasn't it.

At least I had fun people watching, and realizing how different (and how similar) this place is, compared to the rest of the U.S. Things like this will never cease to amaze me, how you can go from one place to another, and there are always some similarities.

But, focusing on the task at hand became a but challenging when I started having trouble finding anything I thought would work. So I went into an anchor store and found these in the kid section. Maybe not appropriate. Still, it would be fun to see her expression.

I wonder if anyone will give gag undies.

Oops, I accidentally found something for myself (but who can turn down the perfect Hawaiian-style dress for $8 when the original price was $20? Not me.) It'll be great for when we go to Hawaii this fall.

I didn't get to run today. I woke up and was ready to go in my running stuff, but when my hubby mentioned a long bike ride with a picnic in the middle, I said yes, and went on my errands first. As it happened, it took me way too long, and it was stifling hot by the time I got back. Plus, I was starving right then, and SOMEONE had already eaten. Bust. Rain checked it for tomorrow, though.

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