Friday, July 27, 2012

Birdy momma and second breakfasts

Today was one of those days. Those creative, think-outside-the-box days. One of those days that I just didn't want to be contained in four white walls. So I spent almost the entire day upstairs, surrounded by four white walls, with 16 and Pregnant, then Teen Mom, on in the background. Wait, the TV came a little later in the day. Let's rewind, shall we?

I didn't much feel like a run this morning, so in lieu of that, but still wanting my daily dose of my favorite drug (endorphins), I strapped on my rollerblades, and traded off skating (which worked one group of muscles), then pushing and pulling my legs apart and together to propel myself forward (which worked an entirely different set of muscles, muscles which sorely needed a good taste of hard work).

It was a very fun change of pace, but the push/pull deal was very slow going. A great workout, but so slooooow! It's okay, it was a great excuse to whip out my cell camera and take time to smell the roses. Or jasmine. Whatever.

I guess I made the mistake of posing underneath a tree where mama bird was guarding her baby birds, and she didn't quit squawking at me until I rolled away. Not before I tried to get her mug on film, though.

I used to complain about my running routes where we lived, but since we moved to this neighborhood, ahh...not a peep from me! I can definitely deal with the tree-lined streets and people walking, biking, and running with their family and friends. Oh yeah, and fishing. There is the cutest little fishing pond, and it is packed almost every Sunday afternoon.

Taking a page from The Everywhereist's book (and "The Lord of the Rings"), I had a second breakfast. I failed in a couple of parts, though: there were no pastries involved, and it was what I ate instead of a more traditional lunch. I know, forgive me. I promise to take my life in the most disgusting way possible.

I spent most of the rest of the day making a card for a bridal shower I'm going to tomorrow, but it ended up being more of a wedding card, so I had to make another one, specifically for the bride.

Dinner was great. I was the only one who felt anything resembling hungry, so it was my call, and I chose baked potatoes with turkey chili on top (no cheese, thank you very much). Total yum, plus I really hope it will provide me with some much-needed potassium.

Tomorrow I'm planning on running, shopping, wrapping, and gossiping with girls at this shower thing. I've never been to a bridal shower, except my own.

Wait. No. Not true. I've been to one other. Still, it's been a while.

For today, though, stick a fork in me, 'cause I am done! Good night!

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