Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fuster clucks

Top fuster clucks of this trip to Disney World, in order of how I remember them:

1. Getting through security in Orlando

2. Getting a locker for Harry Potter

3. Opening our locker for Harry Potter

4. Trying, then giving up, on getting a locker for the Men In Black ride

5. The Harry Potter store (which you have to go through every single time you exit the ride)

PLEASE NOTE: None of these complaints had anything to do with Disney; that is not because Disney pays me (they don't, but I'm open for business). It's because Disney knows what they're doing; they plan accordingly. There were no Disney fuster clucks as far as I can remember; it was crowded in spots, but never uncomfortable, and I never felt claustrophobic in the slightest (I can't say that much for the Universal parks)!

That said, I'm still excited to go to Harry Potter when it's completed at the LA location! I could drink my weight in butter beer, frozen or regular, doesn't matter to me!

PS Dear Disney, I love you!

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