Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A lump of fur

As of yesterday at noon, my life changed. Because of this guy. This cute, cuddly ball of fur.

While we were on vacation, Lady attacked him (as usual), tearing out at least two of his teeth, and leaving one clinging by the root to the gum.

This furball enhanced our lives (and our life together) so much; it's indescribable, really. He was my first dog, but my husband is particularly attached to him.

He's such a funny dog, such a lover, a cuddler. Adorable. Words can't describe. He made us happy and sad, mad and frustrated, and glad to be alive and to be able to know this silly four-legged creature that seemed more human than animal.

He was our (not-so) brave protector, the one that would alert us to "intruders," then run and have one of us check it out. He liked keeping an eye on each of us. He would always position himself so that he could see both of us, or if one of us decided to move, he would be the first to know, and then alert the other person that someone was on the move.

He communicated so well with just a glance. When he looked at you, he meant it. When he put his head on your knee or foot, that was your indication that he wanted cuddles. And did you know that Eskie cuddles have healing powers? Not only physical, but emotional. He knew when you were sick, or just sad, lonely, or mad.

I know he'll miss us, but right now, I'm more concerned with how we'll be able to cope with life without him, and the comforting jingle-jangle of his collar. His bark, his grumbling at Lady, willing her to get out of his way.

We love you, Snowball. Forever and always.

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