Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cartoons and finish lines

I think it's about time for another weekend visit to cartoon land; remember last time, L's graduation?

Well, it was fun then, and I think it'll be fun this time, too. Nobody is graduating, and in fact nothing truly out of this world spectacular is going on, but it just seems the time is right for another visit from the cartoon camera fairy.

Food should look interesting, and we're having a food party (two couples, just the four of us) for dinner tomorrow. Running scenes (I'm looking forward to seeing how my sweaty face looks) should be different. Pets (sans the furry one, as we are still mourning our loss) might look a mite peculiar. We'll just have to see.

But yeah, you read me right: my triumphant return to running commences this weekend, starting tomorrow morning at 7:30, and at some point culminating in my registering for the Hell of a Half, taking place in mid-August. I'm nowhere near prepared for it, but I need something to kick my butt into high gear, some reason to run, some motivation to get up when my 4 a.m. alarm rings.

But I will be ready. Ready for a finishers medal. Ready for free breakfast post-race. Ready for the sandals included with admission. Ready for motivation. Ready for Ricky Hill (from what I hear, it's a total killer). Ready to help inaugurate this race. Ready to cross my second half marathon finish line (because unless I pass out, ain't nothin' keeping me from crossing that finish line, and that includes puke)!

The countdown is ON, baby!

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