Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tough times, even for celebrities!

I woke up at 3am the morning I was scheduled to fly from Fresno to LA, and then to Orlando to meet up with my hubby (who is developing a thing for going on vacation without me, what a jerk) and most of his family (technically, they're my family too; I love the heck out of them), already saturated in all things Disney- and Universal-related.

When I'm alone, I get sort of...weird. I become more crazy (yes, I get crazier than usual; yes, there is such a thing; it can be done, and I do it). Usually, I'm pretty reserved and introverted; there's something about airports and airplanes, however. Something makes me okay with talking to complete and total strangers. Also, making random comments and carrying on random conversations.

Like with this dude in LAX. The waiting area to get on the plane headed for Orlando was packed, so he ended up sitting next to me, and eventually commented that the gate attendant looked like Michael Douglas. I dared him to go compliment the guy on his film career, or just say "I loved you in ' The American President,'" but he wouldn't do it.

He dared me to go ask for a picture with him, but by that time, the guy was busy checking people onto the plane. Besides, who would take the picture? Eventually, my boarding group was called, and I got my phone camera ready, just in case I worked up the nerve. MD turned out to be a fast checker-inner, but when I got up there, I asked him if anyone ever told him he looks like MD. He said yes, sometimes. I took my leap, asked for a picture with him, and threw my phone to the twenty-something guy in line behind me.

This gate attendant completely made my day. I quickly texted the pic to my hubby, who shared it with everyone else, and they all had a good laugh. I will never, ever forget that gate attendant.

I think Alexander would have been (is) proud. I think he may have done something like that; I want to do more things like that.

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