Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i quit

as in, past tense. i no longer go to the gym here in town. for a couple of reasons: first and foremost, i prefer running outside. secondly, the weather around here is finally cooling off (it rained last night, and tonight we have the window open and we put a light comforter on the bed). third, and by far the most anticlimactic... we are supposed to be busy packing to move. but as of yet, we only have a few boxes of stuff, not even enough to say "we've started packing."

so i'm kind of at a standstill. i melt when i run outside right now. also, it's a but less than the ideal neighborhood to run around, with gang tags all over the place. at the same time, maybe we should start packing so we don't have to rush as much later.

i feel bad, though. i'm not much of a social person, so i was totally bummed out when a coworker friend told me about a run some other coworkers are doing later this month. yeah, it would be great, but... it kinda interferes with the whole packing, moving, and resituating our lives.

maybe a thanksgiving run would be more convenient. and cooler.

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