Thursday, October 13, 2011


tomorrow, we head north for what was supposed to be an outing with a mutual friend from high school, but he had to back out because his 8-months-pregnant-with-twins wife was put on bed rest. so, undeterred, we say the show must go on. we're going on the outing just the two of us.

while "someone" has an appointment and meets with some other high-falutin' business folks, i decided how to kill those one or two hours: run... duh!

i can hardly wait to run around p'ville, where i went to high school and even some college classes. i haven't seen most of the town for years, only the tourist-y places, the cute downtown area, which is cute, for sure, but not exactly conducive to running. another reason for all this excitement is testing out my new (to me) garmin. i hope the not-craigslist-killer didn't pull a fast one on me!

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