Sunday, October 2, 2011

it had to be done

and i was just the person to do it. make myself run. so i did. i ran for almost two miles straight, but it was still pretty hot outside, way warmer than i'm used to, so i may have to readjust physically or mentally so i get myself back up to speed.

also, since today was my first day back on the dusty trail... back on the road again... pounding pavement... i remembered exactly why I'm not the hugest fan of running around here: suspicious activity... gang tags... random shopping carts left in random places... dogs left to run wild and get hit by cars... drug deals taking place... people having sex in the park... the list goes on (naturally).

this week, we expect to sign the paperwork making the new house "ours." and then the fun (and overwhelming, never-ending stress) begins! packing and unpacking, organizing and reorganizing, moving, renting and returning trucks, arranging and rearranging tons of stuff we may never need.

now do you understand why i'm having issues with endurance this week? it's hard (for me) to think about running longer and longer distances when i don't feel like i can keep up with my daily life, stress-filled like it is at the moment. plus, it would be really wonderful if the temperature would cool down just a little, like maybe 20°. is that too much to ask?

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