Monday, August 12, 2013

And a little running mixed in

I haven't posted on here in way too long. It's sad, because some stuff has been going on, and I wish I had documented it.

This day was a highlight, for sure. We were both in really good moods (that I'll get to explain later this week).

We went on a close-to-home vacation; we visited the San Francisco, Napa, and Monterey areas.

We walked ALL OVER San Francisco; we climbed up to Coit Tower (but not up IN the tower itself, because two of us were tired enough to fall asleep at any moment), we walked Lombard Street, and all over the Wharf, Pier 1 to Ghirardelli.

It was a lovely escape from the oppressive heat of the Central Valley (and as usual, when we weren't there, it rained).

The Napa and Healdsburg areas we're really fun; I got to taste sample a ton of different flavors of olive oils and vinegars, some of which were definitely better flavors than others.

There was food everywhere on this trip ('this trip,' I say as if it weren't the norm)! Tiramisu in Little Italy. Best burgers I've had in a long timed. Candy. Soup. So. Much. Stuff!! I came home and never wanted to eat again (don't worry, it only lasted a couple of hours at most).

Feel bad for this guy, though. Tim made him test the car, here, there, and everywhere. You see, Tim's car "Linc" has a rattle. So far, he's taken it to the dealership maybe three times specifically for the rattle, and nobody ever hears it, and can't do anything about it. But it's there. He'll tell you: it's THERE!!

We found love on the beach. Unfortunately, we weren't exactly prepared for the beach, so we didn't stay long. Just took a couple of pictures and drove on.

When we came back from our escape, we had a visit from this girl, so we look her to the water park in Fresno for a few hours (which was all any of us could handle).

Through it all, we made some pretty silly faces. We had fun. These past few weeks (month?) has been a whirlwind, but I think this week will be even more so. It'll fly by.

I hope I can keep up!

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