Sunday, September 8, 2013

12 weeks

Today marks 12 weeks. It seems like forever ago that I found out, and to be honest, so far I'm not loving pregnancy. Weeks five to ten, I was sick as a dog, or so I thought. At ten weeks, I just got worse. Worse to the point of puking at my desk at work. That week at work, I lasted two hours on Tuesday, and precisely five minutes on Wednesday (which prompted me to call in a prescription that turned out to be my saving grace).

Now, at 12 weeks, I still feel drained and tired, but because I'm just barely starting to notice a teeny tiny bump (only Tim and I can notice at this point) - which kinda looks like I've just been over-eating - I also feel fat. I've had people tell me I'm not fat, but that's not what I said: I said I FEEL fat. That's just what it feels like.

I'm really looking forward to getting back into running, but right now I"m pretty nauseous from the moment I wake up until the time I leave for work. It gets better starting fifteen or twenty minutes after I take that magical pill, but still...I just feel weird. My tummy is revolting against doing anything before 6:00-ish. Which should make for an interesting return-to-4x10s week this week.

So...when does the second trimester "return of energy" officially begin? Please don't let me be one of those that stays sick for the full nine months!

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