Friday, October 18, 2013

What's your excuse?

Practically everyone has an opinion on this picture.

So I decided I'd throw in my own two cents.

I'm pregnant right now. I'm also an oft-times runner, and someone who's concerned about health and fitness, I worry about how fast my body can and will bounce back in March after baby gets here.

I saw this picture, and immediately thought, "there's hope - if she can do it with three kids in three years, maybe I can do it, too!" I saw it as a positive picture, not just one designed to rub her skinny-ness into other people's faces, people who don't have the willpower and energy to go through all that, AND take care of her three kids, AND exercise enough to look like that.

Celebrities are always bragging about abd shoving their bikini-clad, 90-pound bodies in everyone's faces, but there are some that just have naturally thin bodies, with naturally high metabolism.

You never know who's lying about their "miracle diet" and who's in fact anorexic, for example.

One thing that has ALWAYS bothered me is when people say, "once you have kids, you can say goodbye to [making meals every night/going out ever again/having any alone time]." I refuse to give up anything and everything I enjoy just because I'm going to have a kid...or anything else. Who knows, maybe this three-kids chick just eats super healthy. After all...

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