Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dark roast kitty

I didn't get in any running this past weekend while we stayed at my parents' house. Which makes me a little more than concerned about my second half marathon on Saturday. If I pass out at mile one, just pull me across the finish line. It could be bad, very very bad.

Despite my failure to log any miles, we did have a bunch of fun, hanging, chilling, eating, and napping.

We got to see and hold some two-week-old kittens, whose cries were ear piercing and heart wrenching. So adorable, especially their little teeny tiny features.

We even fell head over heels in love with this dark one, Sumatra (for a while, I wanted to take him home with us, and nickname him "dark roast"). He is such a lover kitty! At the last minute, we decided not to.

It was a good decision for us to not take the kitty right now, but we love that little guy.

We had lots more fun that just playing with kitties, but I'll tell about that next time. More pictures to come!

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