Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The domino day

This morning, I had some tempos scheduled. But that was not meant to be; no, I had to sleep in. Had to. And by "sleeping in," I mean 5 a.m.

I figured that would be a kick off to a bummer day. But no, I had a great day! It was one of those days that almost everything went right. All the dominos fell into place, one right after another.

And then I came home to this:

My new subscription! I am so totally excited, I can't even describe.

And tomorrow, I'm hitting the road for a few (ahem, five?, ahem) miles before work. Hell or high water, baby.

For now, it's off to bed. Ah, the life of a young-thirties couple without kids, going to bed at 8:30! Woot, woot! Dreamland may involve 13.1 miles tonight.

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