Monday, February 17, 2014

Best. Shower. Ever. Not just BABY shower. Best SHOWER ever.

So, yesterday was the big baby shower. The one with all the friends and family. I have to admit: I was nervous. I couldn't stop thinking about all of the things that COULD go wrong. People saying things. Thinking things. Doing things. Nobody would show up. Not getting there on time. Not enough food. Gross food. Me, being stupid. Awkward moments. I was kinda miserable.

But - wonder of wonders - NOTHING went wrong. Seriously. Actually, everything went perfectly. And I mean that. My mental stress was all for naught! Thanks to the person who organized and planned and did EVERYTHING for us. She's just awesome and amazing, and we love her dearly. Now to convince her to watch baby for us once in a while (I don't think she'll take much convincing)!

Sure, some things were said, but they didn't bug me. Nobody heard them. Nobody cared. If they were shouted from rooftops, maybe then we'd have a problem, but they weren't, so we don't. 

People showed up. Early! On time! At the right place! The place was easy to find (fortunately I wasn't driving, because I wasn't wearing glasses and didn't see the sign until we were literally walking in, and I'm not even kidding)! People that I figured wouldn't show up actually did, but a couple of people that said they'd be there, weren't. "It'll all even out in the end," right Xander?

The food was really great! I had never eaten at this place before - The Lunch Box in downtown Visalia - but it was awesome. Tim and I chose the sandwiches and wraps, which were awesome, but the thing that really stole the show: the brownies. Oh, yum. Anyone who was there that DIDN'T try the brownies, I pity you. You should've tried those. I need the recipe for those, like, yesterday.

I think the part I was most nervous about was opening gifts. I thought it would be redundant ("and repetitive"), but I don't think it was. There was such a wide variety of things, that no specific words or phrases got overused. There were some silent moments when wrapping simply could not be undone, and I (jokingly) attempted to bite the packaging. Fortunately, it wasn't awkward - it was just me, being me. Which I think (or maybe I guess I hope) people understood.

At the end of the gift part, Tim gave this amazing "thank you" speech to everyone that came to the shower, and especially to the person who made it all happen. And after his maybe five-minute spiel, he looked over to me, as if to say, "anything to add"? What the heck am I supposed to add now that he just said it all and more? Apparently I indicated that I had nothing to add, but I did it totally me-fashion. Silly, but not awkward. At least, so I'm told. People laughed, but not AT me. At least, so I'm told.

So now, all of the baby stuff is being washed and made ready for baby's grand arrival. Which, I suppose, is the final step in this whole process: giving birth. I'm NOT looking forward to it, but there's no other way to get her out, is there. I guess, here we go. The last step.

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