Sunday, February 9, 2014

34 weeks, and I'm doing kinda great!

Today marks 34 weeks down, which leaves just six to go. Or, according to my countdown app, 42 days until baby's due date (assuming that she comes on her due date, which I'm assuming she won't).

I feel very pregnant. My feet and/or ankles occasionally swell; I feel uncomfortable almost all the time; I'm tired, but unable to sleep for long periods at a time. And this is baby #1, so I'm starting to get more and more nervous about labor and delivery. (I assume these things are all very normal. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

I plan to work until my doctor order me to stop working, or until I have baby, which (despite what everyone says) I think - and HOPE - that she'll come just a little early.

My big baby shower is a week away, and I'm both nervous and excited. I guess maybe I'm a control freak, but I just like knowing what to expect (if that makes me a control freak, then so be it) - in this situation, I know that's impossible. More than 30 people said they would be at this shower, and while most of them don't worry me, there are a handful of big question marks.

I'm trying so hard to relax, to go with the flow. To remind myself that people will do what they're going to do, regardless of whether I approve. I'm trying to be less of a control freak. I know: it'll be fine. "Everything will even out in the end," as my little brother once screamed in frustration at me (and I'd kill to hear him remind me again and again these days).

I also wonder what I should wear to the shower. A dress? A nice top with a skirt/jeans? I don't know. I'm leaning towards a nice top with nice (long) pants, because my legs are too unpredictably swollen these days - a fact I don't really wish to have documented in tagged pictures on Facebook.

Baby has jags of kicking and moving, and although there are certain moments and locations that I wish she wouldn't kick, I really have learned to appreciate them. I love knowing that she's happy and healthy in there. I've had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions (most of which I've learned to ignore, but others, depending on location and intensity, really take my breath away). But overall, I'm doing okay - actually, I think I'm doing kinda great. I wish I could be one of those crazy women that ran all the way through her pregnancy, but I'm just not. Plain as that.

I've given myself permission to do nothing for at least the first two weeks after baby is born. I told this to a friend who has a six-month-old, and she said that it'll be the busiest "nothing" I've ever done, abd I understand that. I'm actually looking forward to late-night feedings and messy diapers and all of that, because at least she'll be here. Well finally be able to see what she looks like (hopefully not an alien patio baby)! After those first weeks, though, I want to train and do another 5K or 10K. I already have so many Couch to 5K plans pinned and ready to go! I'm excited!

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  1. I'm with you on the having to be in control and needing to know what to expect part. But it will be fun! And my advice on what to wear is just be comfortable. I think jeans and a nice top is perfect. :-) I hope you continue to feel great these next couple of weeks! See ya Sunday!! --Kara


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