Sunday, January 26, 2014

Eight to go!

32 weeks down, which leaves right around eight weeks to go (hopefully not much, if any, more than that).

This past Thursday was baby shower #1, held at work during lunch time. I was nervous because I don't really know these people very well, but it turned out really nice: cake, punch, a few gifts... nothing too scary.

...And shower #2 (the bigger one, with family and friends) is just three weeks from now. "Worlds are colliding!" Isn't it always kinda nerve-wracking to have his side, her side, and both work sides coming together, even if it's just for a few hours?

Next weekend, we have another kiddo class, but this is when it kicks into high gear: a childbirth class. Childbirth? Certainly I don't need that yet!

It's crazy how time has flown... sort of. It seems like yesterday I was so excited for the end of the first trimester, and now... a childbirth class? It sounds crazy. But, at the same time, this "not sleeping" thing, this "feeling sooo freaking uncomfortable" thing - makes time screech to a halt.

I bought this... this... this thing... the other day. It's a supportive thing, designed to lift baby up a little, just out of my pelvis, thereby making that area less crowded and more comfortable. I tried it out when we went to a movie ("Anchorman 2" - pretty funny!), and decided that it may have worked for my NP (who recommended it so highly) because she was on her feet all day. But for me, who works seated at a desk all day, it just made the kicks that much more up-close and personal. Fail. At least I didn't pay full price ($50-ish?)!

Biggest complaints right now are:
1. I'm pretty much constantly uncomfortable, and
2. Insomnia.

Still, I haven't had any real cravings other than chocolate and ice cream (but I always want those things, no matter if I'm pregnant, hormonal, or none of the above). Fortunately, my Love indulges me once in a while, but without overdoing it (since I really don't want to gain some extraordinary amount with baby - especially if it's non-nutritious stuff like that).

It's also funny to me that everyone has (seemingly) suddenly changed their tunes, from, "Omigosh - you're so big! And it looks like you're getting bigger every day!" (Gee, thanks) to "Wow, you're tiny. You're all baby! It doesn't even look like the rest of your body has changed at all" (oh, bless you - you're my new favorite person). Weirdness. So I guess I grew a lot early on, but since then I've really slowed down, size-wise. Good deal.

So, with just eight-ish weeks to go, there's a lot happening, and still a lot left to be done (hospital bag might be tied with pre-registering at the hospital for #1 on that list), but hey - it's just eight weeks. I can do this. I hope.

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