Friday, January 3, 2014

Quick and dirty recap of the holidays

It's over. Finally, it's over, The holiday season is one of those times of year that I dread. Every year it's the same: what do I get for this person, that person, the other person? So much unnecessary pressure.

This year, though, it was at least a little busier, especially toward the end of the year. We spent Christmas Eve at home with a nice dinner with the in-laws (and shouting at the table, very classy) and a couple of movies. Christmas Day, we drove north to my parents' house. Presents didn't start until 2:30 p.m., not entirely unusual. And then we drove even farther north, to my sister-in-law's to see my niece get married.

(The niece that got married was on her honeymoon by the time this picture was taken, but trust me: she's beautiful, too.) Actually, maybe I did manage to get get just a silhouette:

But now, it's back to normality, abd I couldn't be happier. About that. But other things have started to bug me now. I don't think I'm usually a negative, complaining person, but I really don't feel good. I haven't felt great for... oh, about six months now. And there's still three to go!

I feel funky, definitely not like myself. I feel big and fat. (Notice my actual words here, please: "FEEL." I said "feel.") It doesn't feel good, abd I can't wait to have my new, altered, ruined body back, so I can start working on un-ruining it... and then ruining it again (we want two kids, pretty close together). Maybe I'll do a 10K or - better yet - a half marathon before #2 comes along.

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