Sunday, January 5, 2014

Changing my mindset

Is it really supposed to be this hard? I'm not in PAIN, exactly - I'm just uncomfortable almost ALL the time!

I sleep better with the help of Unisom (thanks to permission from my NP, and not my Ob), but I wake up, and my hips are just killing me! --> Fortunately, I was able to order something that MIGHT help with this issue.

My back hurts almost constantly, and try as I might, I can never find a comfortable seated position (again, the thing I ordered MIGHT help).

We talked about all these things the other day, and basically I was reminded of how lucky I am. For so much. I can carry a baby. She seems to be happy and healthy (if a little water-logged and eager to move and kick all of her waking hours), and I'm happy and healthy. We're good!

So we think it's a mindset thing. I need to change my mindset, which always does wonders for me - it already has! I don't ENJOY the rib-kicks, but I LOVE knowing that that means she's probably fine. I love that I get to be with her 24 hours a day (for now) - once she's outta there, I don't know how thrilled I'll be to hear the crying and respond to all of the other demands of a newborn.

I had a great, long talk with a friend about her natural labor and delivery (I'm definitely NOT doing that - I want drugs, drugs, and more drugs! If I feel so much as a pinch, I want someone to take care of that!). It was a great discussion, though, and it made me feel so much more relaxed about that part.

Just eleven weeks to go until due date!

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