Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my not-so-triumphant return

i'm back, but i wouldn't say i'm loving every minute of it. i think it's just one of those things, i will have to work my way back up to 5k, then 10k, and eventually i will be ready to run my very first half marathon in march 2012!!

my problem right now is all to do with my neck. if my neck doesn't feel good from the beginning of a run, there's just about no way for me to recover. it really is miserable.

so i haven't been ready to get in the number of miles i would like to do in a day yet, but i know i will work my way back up, so i'm not stressing about that yet.

tomorrow morning, bright and early, around 5am, my big plans are to don my brand new head lamp and run for at least a mike our two, before heading back home to prepare for another shortened and very insanely speedy work day. how do people get anything done in just eight hours?

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