Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm running away this weekend!

This week really flew by. Busy-ness makes the clock tick much faster than normal, and boy, did I have a busy week, some of it was exciting, some was nerve-wracking, and some frustrating. I hope the exciting stuff is here to stay, but I won't walk myself off a cliff if it doesn't (even though I might want to).

I didn't log anywhere near as many miles as I thought I would and knew I could, so this weekend I plan to catch up on a ton of stuff, including my mileage!

I found a half marathon for this Fall: Wascally Wabbit in Fresno on September 30th. It's $55 for the half for me and $25 for the two-miler for Mr. Man.

I'm really looking forward to running tomorrow morning (before a group bike ride)!

Oh yeah, and the quiet calm around the house the rest of the time.

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