Saturday, June 2, 2012

My weekend in cartoon land

Six hours each way in a car sucks, but getting to spend hours celebrating three of your favorite nieces (and talking running with a pseudo- quasi- nephew who's your age) is awesome, super-fun.

So begins my journey into cartoon land... Above is the new high school grad, my niece Lucy. Such a great personality, a real sweetie, a go-getter, a very driven, lovely girl. I'm so excited that she will live so much closer to us when she starts college this Fall.

We took a ton of pictures of her in her cap and gown; there were three cameras going, going, going (mine included); "look here, look there." Poor girl.

I wore flip flops all weekend. Ahh...this is what I love about summer ('cause it sure ain't the heat)!

The actual graduation ceremony was great! I was afraid it was going to be long and boring, but it wasn't; it moved along at a good pace. We took tons of pictures. Prepare for that now:

This kid is adorable! He's family, but it's a complicated WAY that he's related. It's another pseudo- quasi- relative. He is such a doll, though; he has the most previous face and adorable personality! He entertained us and made us laugh numerous times.

Heather. Poor thing, can't get enough of me (I can't get enough of her either). She only let me take her picture to show her that it looked like a cartoon. This family is chock-full of cuteness, adorable faces, and great personalities. Loooove each of them.

It's a good thing Lucy is such a good sport, because she had to pose for somewhere just short of a bazillion pictures. I guess it comes with the territory: tons of pictures, tons of hugs, tons of love.

Steve. I love Steve. He's the girls' dad, and he has an amazing sense of humor. Sad for me, though, because I really wish he would talk more; he is super quiet. Bummer. Steve is do chill, relaxed, and funny. His smile can light up a room (probably because he doesn't flaunt it). Steve is awesome.

Here is "Ma," doing what she does (and what I should have been doing at this time of night): sleeping. You can't really fault her for passing out on the super-comfy couch. And when Joy (my sister-in-law, and the girls' mom) told her to go to bed, Ma said she was just resting her eyes. Okay, fine; what about the snoring? Were you testing your breathing? I think not...

And this afternoon, the kitchen was a little crowded with everyone saying goodbye, giving hugs, and reminding each other we'll see [some of] them soon, in Florida!

And on our way home. Sad. Long drive ahead. Then to bed, and hard-core running, then hard-core relaxing for the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow is my first day of Project 90! I know I can do it!

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