Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Strange start to June

I had a pretty awesome run on Sunday, five easy miles up and down Santa Fe trail. Lunch with friends, some laundry, unpacking from the trip North. Not too exciting.

Yesterday was strange. Here in the valley, summer weather is, first and foremost, predictable. From about May through September at the very least, there is no rain, no clouds, no wind. But yesterday was different:

At about 3:00, it was so windy I almost had trouble opening the building door to go to my car for break! The skies were brown (I know, lovely), trees were swaying, debris was all over the roads! Mr Man went home to put the dogs in the house, and he warned me about the "near-blinding" conditions.

What! This kind of thing doesn't happen here. Not in the Central Valley.

We went to dinner with friends, and when we came out, we saw that it had rained. Totally weird.

At least it made for a pretty amazing sunset (and cooler temps today)!

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