Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sans my love

After Mr. Man left for the week, I stuck around Monterey with these guys, that were rude enough to not even gimme a second glance (yeah, yeah, nothing personal, I get it; you're here, you're queer, blah blah...)

These are some seriously fun guys, though (and I ain't talkin' mushrooms)! We wandered, did some light shopping, some light (for me) walking, and lots of eating. Some places were good, some were... umm...not.

Some had merely mediocre food, but amazing views (complete with lounging seals)!

Our hotel room in Monterey was great, and I really loved the mini porch area, with its sunlight and cool breezes. Ahh...I could go back right now, if it wasn't for the drive.

Another great thing about this hotel was the warm oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies. Yumm... I think I had for in the 24 hours we were here. Four cookies for $5, or just ask for more for free? question!

I had a really great time. Not so much fun as I have with Mr. Man, but the guys are great. I just miss my guy.

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