Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bing. Bang. Boom.

After Labor Day, life has become a blur; I honestly dont know how we would have survived if we had kids. It's been THAT crazy around here.

There was Oktoberfest where we had a great time with our bestie best friends. Tickets were expensive, but I won a four-pack, so it was a very cheap outing for us!

Then there was the Festival of Hope, put on by the County's Suicide Prevention Task Force. Awesome chalk art.

And Tim's birthday, which was amazing and very much a surprise for him, because our besties and I created a treasure hunt for him, beginning with a box in a box in a box, that held the first clue.

The Utah Shakespeare Festival was next, complete with an eight-and-a-half-hour drive through the lovely Nevada desert. (Yawn.) The shows were amazing, though: we saw Les Miserables, Hamlet, and Stones in His Pockets. All were amazing.

I loved the fact that Tim requested to see Hamlet, AND that he loved it. I must admit: it was an incredible production! The main guy (Hamlet, duh) did a great job; I loved the scene with Polonius. Oh, and the flute. Oh yeah, and Hamlet's soliloquy. It was just... Really good.

We found some super yummy pizza in Cedar City, but there were some disappointing parts of the continental breakfast at the hotel, in the form of misspellings:

Leave it to us to make it home by 3:00 on Sunday (we were glad to be home early, but I wasn't thrilled at the idea of getting up to leave Cedar so early). My parents had to stop by on their way home, which was fun.

One of my favorite things at USF: the treats! Humbug drops are so yummy! The tarts...oh! The tarts!

This past Friday (just a few days ago), we drove east, to California Hot Springs, to meet with Tim's now-retired boss. We had tons of fun, driving, talking, lunching, more talking. It was great, and I can't wait to do it again!

See? Fun!

And then I fell in love...a number of times, all in one store, but didn't bring anything home. This time.

Funny how little things make you want to cry, right? My little brother was buried wearing these same cufflinks.

I ran yesterday (finally)! It's been way too long, and it wasn't that great of a run, but it was something. 250 or so calories burned; I'll take it!

Yesterday afternoon, we drove east again, this time to Three Rivers to attend a friend's wedding at the White Horse Inn. It was lovely, truly.

...and we made off with a couple of the leftover cookies, which were incredible. Shortbread partially covered in chocolate. They made for a great breakfast treat.

Next up:
A visit from our niece
Also, Tim's mom
New Year
...and then...? Hopefully, a little chillaxin' before our lives start to change, and we start to head for the land of parenthood (don't get any ideas: I'm not knocked up yet, honestly).

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