Friday, October 26, 2012

Ch-ch-ch-changes, water, and a nap

This week was one of change.Starting with my cell phone.

My cell phone is my security blanket. The thing that puts me to sleep at night, and wakes me up in the morning. And has a tendency to annoy the guy who sleeps beside me every night. Plus, I can easily turn my alarm off, set another, and another... This also annoyed my sleeping partner. So, I put it on this hanging doo-hickey on the wall. Completely out of my reach.

I haven't slept so well ever since that first night. But I had to give up that security blanket eventually, right? It'll come with time.

Then, at work, all employees were warned about cell phone use. Or, rather, OVERuse. Everyone texts during work hours, even supervisors. I have my opinions about it, but whatever, it's another change. Involving my cell phone. Again, security blanket, blah blah.

One of the dogs was pretty depressed about the changes...

Or maybe it was about the change in the weather... Either way, changes around here are rampant.

Water. Essential to human life, yes? Did you also know that if you don't drink enough, you can have fits of yawning that don't freaking stop until you drink?

True story: I've neglected my water intake the past couple of weeks, because it's easier to stay at my desk than get up, walk the long hallway to refill my water bottle. I've been yawning like crazy at night; I barely even stop to take a normal breath.

From the research Tim has done (he's reading a book that covered this exact thing), he found out that yawning makes you salivate, which kinda sorta makes you think you're drinking something. Yadda yadda, I've been drinking much more (read: a normal amount for a normal person) this week, and no yawning fits. Go figure.

Speaking of changing seasons, I was basically forced to take an allergy pill Wednesday morning. I had a headache this big, plus some seriously intense sinus pressure and pain. Twenty minutes later, like a ton of bricks it hit me. I could barely keep my eys open. I napped in my car during lunch. Usually I have a hard time falling asleep with such a time crunch, but not this time. I was gone, out, almost from the moment my head hit the head rest.

I complained to Tim that night, and after a few questions about what color the pill was, he gathered together an emergency sinus headache kit for me, complete with non-drowsy allergy pills. Red is good; blue and white are bad!

Lesson learned.

It's a beautiful day today: not too hot, not too cold; perfect for a run. I'll get there. Right now I'm busy enjoying some peace and quiet on a lazy Friday. I love my three-day weekends. And silence.

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