Friday, October 5, 2012

Cleaning out the almond butter (just so I can get the better butter)

Who doesn't love cleaning? Me. Right here. Especially from the moment I wake up until the minute my hubby comes home (he was at a business conference since Tuesday)!

Still, I managed to have some fun here and there. Like laundry. I really like doing laundry. No, seriously; I really do. I love loading up the tall hamper with all the clothes, and chipping away at the pile until all that's left is the folding part. Which is NOT always my fave.

...And that's why I watch "my" movies when I fold clean laundry. Today, it was "Pete's Dragon," "Clueless," and...something else.

Other than folding laundry, I kept moving from the word "go."

For breakfast/brunch (I woke up kinda late, 'cause sleeping in on Friday morning is the best!), my favorite: a granny smith apple with Target brand (meh, it doesn't hold a candle to Trader Joes brand) almond butter. And then I decided to live on the wild side.


All in all, not a horrible way to spend six hours on a Friday. Tomorrow should be equally thrilling but in an entirely different way.

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