Monday, October 8, 2012

Cleaning and Hope

Y'know how the weekends always fly by at 'round 'bout 75 mph or so, n Monday comes flyin' out at ya into the left lane and makes you slow suddenly to 45 mph? Dontcha just hate that, like, for example?

Well, that was me this morning. Literally. Going great, 75 in the left lane; trucker switched to the left lane, slowed me down to 45 (in a 70 mph zone, thank you).

This doesn't bode well for this week.

The weekend was great, though:

Started out Friday cleaning and doing other household chores and stuff before my man came home. The house was ready to party like it was 1999, so we did our usual Thursday night thing, watched "Love Actually," and went to bed. Long day, even longer week.

Saturday morning, the NAMI walk kicked off the Festival of Hope. I had fun walking with some friends, and Tim had umm... "fun"? walking with his group.

After the walk, we went for a quick lunch at a Mexican place here in Tulare, not far from where the walk (and the rest of the event) took place. Not great food, plus I made a bad decision on what to get.

"You have chosen...POORLY!"

Then we hit up the other location, the Tulare Outlets, for the chalk art festival. There were some amazing drawings there!

Next up was Tim's birthday dinner, with friends (who walked with me earlier in the day), and back to the house for presents.

(To be continued...)

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