Sunday, March 4, 2012

1 week

It's just a week until my first half marathon. I'm working on my orange, green and white tulle tutu. I'm waiting for my shirt to dry (so I can paint the back too). I'm nervous that something will happen to make it so I DNS or DNF. I kinda wish our friends could be there. Next time, I'll do a race closer to home.

I did about eight miles this morning, and it felt great. It was kinda fun to run around the park across the street, because there was a race going on... Or, at least, waiting to start going. The place was crowded! Tons of kids, too! It was nice to have the road blocked off, not have to worry about cars.

I think I'll run four miles tomorrow (Monday), five on Wednesday, four on Thursday, then... (drum roll, fingers crossed)... 13.1 miles on Sunday! And be back up to ten miles next weekend. Again: fingers crossed. Time will tell. I know this week will fly by, though. It'll all be over SO soon!