Monday, March 26, 2012

Runner's block?

Every so often, I hit a wall. I fall into a rut. And it's hard to find my way out. This time, I kinda stopped running, and it made me sad. Running had become a friend, that I slowly realized how much I missed.

We had a few chance encounters, but something was lacking. Something wasn't quite right.

At the same time, coming off of the tremendous high of my first half marathon, I wanted to spend time being creative in the kitchen.

Call it coincidence or kismet. Frustration or neediness. I think the issue is resolved. I made two things of peanut butter cups, and two loaves of bread this past weekend. I think that may be my solution to creativity block that accompanies running block.

Now, wish me luck waking up in 6 hours. Speaking of grumpy...

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