Monday, March 5, 2012

Waking up sucks

I think I need to move somewhere that doesn't do the whole "daylight savings" thing, because this sucks. I'm trying to fool my body into springing forward a week early (so I won't be so tired next weekend, the weekend - actually the day of - the race), but so far I'm failing miserably. My alarm went off at 4:30 this morning, and...right back to sleep. Tomorrow, my alarm is going off at 4:15, just so I know I'll have plenty of time to get five miles done before my day really begins.

I know this week is going to fly by, and my first half marathon will be over before I even realize it. I'll be eating Hawaiian haystacks and cake (homemade, thank you mom), talking with friends and family, and then it'll hit me: what's next? I need to find another half marathon (or at least a ten-miler) to keep me motivated. I know: without a reason to run, without a reason to up my distance and speed, it's just too easy to lay back and get fat over the summer. And I do NOT want to do that. Not again.*

* Technically, I didn't get "fat" last summer, but I got softer than I was during the spring, and I still don't want even that to happen. No fat. No soft. No. Just no.