Sunday, December 16, 2012

A fun, scenic run down Christmas Tree Lane

I must admit: I was a little worried about running yesterday.
Not because of the distance.
Not because of the cold.
Not because I had to keep up with someone.

I hadn't run since I was on vacation in Hawaii, which we left the day before Thanksgiving. And before that, I hadn't been running regularly.

My co-runners were excited for their first race, a 5k this time. I knew I would just take it super-easy, walk a lot, look at it like a fun run. A scenic jaunt through Christmas Tree Lane. Let me just emphasize once more: I was going for distance, not time. I was staying with my niece so that she (and I) wouldn't crash and burn and hate every minute and never want to do it again.

We had a great cheering section. Even if they were a little cold.

I've never seen anyone pin a bib on their butt...until my niece decided to do just that. Now I can't say I haven't seen that before.

I made her stop for the photo op. Very cute and fun.

So, recap: fun race. A little (read: a LOT) poorly organized, chilly, but very fun and I would definitely do it again. I especially loved that it was on a Saturday (and this year, the 15th!). Plus, it served as a great reminder that running is fun. I don't have to keep up a certain speed in order to burn calories and stress. Or to have fun. And even that short amount of running made me feel so great! Oh yeah. I finished in 39:40. Only ten minutes slower than normal.

If only waking supp at 4:00 every morning made me feel so great.

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