Sunday, December 9, 2012

Don't talk to strangers...unless they're wearing a costume and concealing their facial features with hair

I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't really wake up until 11:00 this morning (it is still "morning," technically). I honestly do not know what happened. I guess I was just that tired from all my running around yesterday...

My first stop was Costco (fortunately only for gas), where I was almost immediately confronted by one of the biggest idiot truck drivers to ever sit at a steering wheel (I doubt that he has any kind of license). The rule at Costco gas - and there are signs posted all around the place - is PULL FORWARD. This idiot didn't get it (it is possible that he didn't speak English, but in all fairness, this kind of thing transcends language and speaks to his lack of common sense).

I had to pull around him, nearly scraping his car in the process, and he didn't even acknowledge me; as a matter of fact, he just continued chewing the fat with his friends. Oooooookay, clueless! Bad start to Christmas shopping.

Must. Have. Patience.

It was off to the mall, where infants and toddlers were forced into the arms of a stranger in a very odd costume, and told to smile for the camera.

Have you ever just watched this ritual from your own little corner? Try it. Especially when you aren't personally invested in the kids, it's kinda sick. And interesting. Laughable. Honestly, check it out.

Then again, I'm an avid people watcher; I love that kind of thing. Maybe I'm rare. Still...

I needed to eat a little something, and Portland was the most appealing without an insanely-long line. I tried maybe six of their flavors, sans toppings because I just wanted to really get the gist of the quality before I started altering the natural goodness of the froyo. Also, the place was jam-packed, especially at the topping area. Next time: toppings, for sure, now that I know what would be awesome with this flavor and that one.

My main priority of the day was Christmas shopping, but I found this adorable teeny-tiny furry jacket vest thing, and wanted to buy it for a future baby girl, but as I'm not exactly pregnant and don't know anyone who's having a girl anytime soon, I had to walk away. Boo.

I did find some really cool deals at Old Navy, though; I got a bag full of stuff (maybe six items?) for about $20! Total score. Plus, all the stuff I got for my six-year-old niece is pink. Pink this. Pink that. Pink the other. Everything pink. Pink pink pink.

Because I was unable to find (cough cough remember cough cough) what I was looking for at the mall, I stopped at the outlets closer to home, where I found something I wasn't looking for, and again didn't find what I was looking for. Grr. At least the doggy won't be as cold in his new sweater.

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