Friday, December 7, 2012

A mullet. A Furby. Tim Gunn. And Taylor Swift.

While I wait ever-so-(im)patiently to be able to breathe normally, I can't run. I have heard way too many horror stories about running through injuries and illnesses making recovery all the more difficult. And lengthy. And torturous. And painful.

So. Today flew by (just like all weekend days, right?). Er, wait. I stand corrected. I thought today was Saturday. I guess today was just busy. It makes for a longer day when you get up and go to breakfast in the "early" morning hours ("early" of course being very very very relative, since I generally sleep an extra four hours on weekend mornings).

Where was I? Busy. Right. Time flies. Yes.

Breakfast was at Black Bear, where I ate my favorite: sweet cream pancakes, covered in butter and tons of syrup.

Sitting at the table behind Tim, I saw a woman in a full-on, I-ain't-ashamed 80s mullet. Kinda unusual. Even had the sky-high bangs.

Anyway, after breakfast I planned to go home and take a sugar-induced nap, but Tim wouldn't go for it. It was off to Target (he should have dropped me at home; he woulda gotten outta Target for a whole lot cheaper)! Oh well.

We found some awesome Christmas decorations, including some interesting, not-at-all-tempting-to-buy ones. Like the above ornament, a Taylor Swift guitar. Ooh. Tempting.

My six-year-old niece wants a Furby for Christmas, and so I checked it out. Do you have any idea how much those things COST!!! I do...

Insanity. Looks like she'll have to suffer another Christmas of much-needed clothes. Oh well. Poor kid.

And then I saw this:

A Tim Gunn Barbie. Wow. Just... wow.

Kinda tempted to get this look-at-me heavily sequined mini skirt for some future Halloween costume. Unfortunately, I'm cheap. That was a 'no.'

We made it out of there with a few more things checked off of our Christmas lists, and a few more bucks out of our bank account.

Maybe we shouldn't have spent so much, but we got things that might buy some loved ones some happier-ness. And us. We have stockings. In a home that's all our own.

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