Monday, December 24, 2012

A lost weekend...but not depressing like the movie

Ah, peace and quiet. The holidays are almost over, 2013 is almost here, and life can almost go back to normal. Finally.

I wanted to rewind for this post. Back up a few days. To Friday.

I think that was the day we spent just lounging around, doing almost nothing. That, or...

Shopping. No, there was definitely some shopping in there. We usually don't work on Fridays, which makes going to the more crowded stores that much easier. Still, I think it's because it was the weekend before Christmas, everyone and their brother was in Costco.

I was just informed that Friday was the day we saw The Hobbit. Right. I remember that: boring! The end was okay, but then it was a "to be continued" (in THREE PARTS) - what!!! I'm gonna go ahead and skip those, thanks anyway.

Friday: done.

Saturday was a very long day. The plan was to buy a car. We thought we would drive to Sacramento, but before we could leave our house, the dealership there called to say the one we wanted was sold the night before, so we sorta settled in for another day of a whole lotta nothin'. But then the guy from the Bay Area dealership called to tell us that the car we wanted was there!

We jumped in the car and drove FOUR HOURS to Sunnyvale Lincoln. My Yelp review kinda sums up how it all went down:

Still, the four-hour drive there was not exactly thrilling, especially where our path crossed with the millions on their way to the Factory Outlets in Gilroy (insert smell of garlic).

Yadda yadda, we bought our dream car. Merry Christmas to us! First it was the elliptical, now the car. We'll eat nothing but beans at this pace.

Speaking of food, we hadn't eaten, so we decided to drive to downtown San Jose for some Gordon Biersch, Tim leading the way in the new car (as I demanded) with me following.

Increase stress levels now.

Parking in downtown San Jose was $10 to $20 per car...not exactly what we wanted to see. So we tried to find street parking. I found a spot, but Tim wasn't as lucky; he had to park illegally at a Jack in the Box. Okay, nix the Gordon Biersch. Crap. Since I had parked next to a McD's, and was dying to get my yearly McRib, that was the winner.

To say that this place was scary is about the same as saying that Charles Manson is a little twisted. We were little out of place there, even if it was only because we didn't have black puffy jackets and our underwear wasn't hanging out of our over-sized baggy jeans. Like, for example. We ate and paid for a bathroom visit each (technically free, but in order to get into the stall, you had to insert a coin and turn the knob). And then we got the hell outta dodge.

Why does the drive back home always seem to take so much longer than the drive there? We finally got home just before 1 a.m. I slept like a rock for a few hours, but that trip cost me a weekend of good sleep!

As Tim reminds me now, isn't it worth it to have such an amazing car? And I must admit, yeah, it's worth it. We have our dream car. We both love it sooooo much. Roomy, comfy, cute, zippy. It's amazing.

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