Saturday, December 22, 2012

All wrapped up

Don't ya hate it when someone doesn't blog for a few days, then suddenly there's a deluge, a flurry of posts, each more random and off-the-wall than the last?

Get over it.

Well, I guess today will be less busy than originally intended, which is kind of disappointing, because we were planning to drive to Sacramento to buy a car, then drive it home. An eight-hour round-trip drive, avoided for today. Oh well. It's only a car.

I guess I'll have to re-focus on baking and frosting cookies, wrapping gifts and watching Christmas movies.

It's raining right now (if you can call this amount of spit falling from the heavens 'rain'), so I think I'll wait a while before I go for a run (because man, are my legs itching for a real live run).

First up: watching Christmas movies while wrapping presents!

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