Friday, February 17, 2012

Run, shmun

It's a long weekend, so my missed run yesterday (and every other run this weekend) just got pushed back a day. Thanks to US Presidents, I'm just fine about missing my run yesterday. So I should be thrilled to be up and running, right? 

Well, I woke up bright and early slept in (naturally), and now I'm getting dressed in my running clothes eating a nice healthy breakfast donuts and watching The History Channel Teen Mom. Oops.

At least I'll start running right after I finish my "healthy breakfast," right? Yeah, probably not. My hubby wants to go to see a couple of movies today, the earlier the better (before kids get out of school).

Okay, so a couple of FAILs already today, but I'm not defeated. Yeah, I'm eating donuts. Yeah, I might be in a movie theater for five hours today. But I will run today. Six miles. Hell or high water.