Friday, February 24, 2012

Twelve miles. I can do this!

Yeah, I was nervous at first, but once I headed out the door, for the first TEN miles, I was great. SOLID. Here's my view at mile #2. There are always a lot of memorable sights on my long runs, but this was not exactly one of them. My idea was to take a picture every other mile. That didn't happen, because at about mile three, I ran into a friend from work walking her dog, so we walked the next couple of miles together. She worried that she was holding me back, but really, I was just thankful for the break. Mostly.


I ran through a really nice, swanky neighborhood within our little subdivision, and was sort of taken aback by this house. Like I said, super nice neighborhood. Awesome-looking house. Aaaaand...they still had Christmas lights up. And it's the end of February. Kinda crazy? Is it just me?

I almost forgot about this part. You almost can't tell, but this is the park I run past almost every run, but today it was jam-packed, FILLED with rug rats playing soccer and screaming. I kinda veered a different way after that. Just had to stop for water for a sec.

Here's my view from mile #5 (I think). Crossing a bridge over the freeway. Call me crazy, but I kinda enjoy running over bridges. Kinda cool.

It was a good run. After ten miles, I totally hit a wall, and needed someone to kick my butt. So I started walking, and texted my love asking for confirmation that he had absolutely NO faith that I could ever finish twelve whole miles. No response. Nothing. I kept checking, checking, checking...nothing. 

So I called in for backup: S. I sent a text to S asking him to kick me in the rear. He never fails (thus the BFF status, thanks): he responded right away: "Run like you stole money from your pimp!"

That did the trick. Ran the rest of the way, got home and took my very first ice bath (not fun), a shower, and game over. The rest of the day was great. Just like my twelve mile run. 

But I'm definitely sold: I'm definitely making ten miles a weekly thing. Love it!