Friday, February 10, 2012

The sun'll come out...

It's been a little (read: a LOT) warmer than I would like recently, especially for this time of year. It's only the first half of February, and already we're having 70+ degrees weather. No rain. No clouds. No break in the heat. This MIGHT end up being a horrible, horrible summer.

We have an awesome day planned tomorrow, with friends and a movie, maybe some snacks, dinner. Tomorrow should be great. 

However, I am still struggling with getting out of bed at all early. I didn't run today before my dentist appointment like I should have (and like I was planning to). I didn't run on Thursday morning before work like I should have (and like I was planning to). Clearly, there's an issue here.

Tomorrow, though. Tomorrow is a new day. "Fresh, with no mistakes in it." Well, "no mistakes in it YET." 

I'm beginning to wonder how I'll do at the Shamrockin' Half in March. I know I CAN do it, but I am starting to worry about the heat, my tired legs, cramps, proper hydration and fueling. Especially the night before, because the plan is to stay in a hotel close to the starting line the night before the race. 

Yes. I am indeed THAT nervous. What was YOUR first big race like? Isn't everyone nervous? I wish I had access to my book about women's racing, but it's in a box in another room, and quite honestly, even though I LOVE that book, I'm not sure I want to incur the wrath of my hubby (what does it tell ya that he loves to play first-person shooter games all the time?).

Hm. Speaking of TOMORROW. My goal really is to wake up and have enough time to run a longer distance (maybe ten miles? Maybe? Hey, for me that's long) before meeting up with friends for some crazy fun. Here's to a bark-free night! A night of sleeping the WHOLE time! And a subsequent morning of waking up completely refreshed, with energy to attack those ten miles! So, to bed I go.