Thursday, March 14, 2013

32: not so bad after all

I turned 32 yesterday.

I was 16, sixteen years ago.
I met my husband just before I turned 14.
I have teenaged nieces and nephews.
I've lived in California for 18 years, which is more than double the time I lived in Saudi.
My eyes are constantly puffy.
I have smile wrinkles and laugh lines.

Dang it I feel old. Which is probably the reason I was kinda down yesterday. Still, because I'm married to my best friend, the man I rely on (maybe too much) for love, care, affection, friendship, fun, and food, it was a good day, and an even better evening.

He woke me up with jewelry. I know that can be a big deal to some women, but I'm no gold digger; I like my guy because of who he is, and not because of what he gives me. (NOTE: I know that not all jewelry-crazy women are like that, just the majority of the ones I know, are.)

I had a long work day (even though my work schedule changed from four ten-hour days last week, to four eight-hour days for at least the next six months), headed straight home and got into bed, hoping to pass out quickly and easily.

Tim doesn't usually get home until after 6:00 at the earliest, so when I heard the garage door at. 5:15, it threw me off a little. I thought, "oh cool, we'll have a chill night at home!"

That wasn't the plan, though. He made me get in the car, and we drove to...where? It took me a while to figure it out, but I got it: Monet's in Exeter! He parked, and guess who was there?

Cory!! Our very good friend that we love! It was all falling into place now. Having Cory meet us there...planned. Yippee!! I like good people; Cory is great people!

We walked in and Tim told the guy we had a reservation, and he showed us to our table, set up for a group of five. Five? the...? No idea. I was pretty clueless. After a few minutes, in walked Dayna and Jen (mother/daughter friends that Tim and Cory work with, and we all love)! Very good surprise, once again!

The night was amazing, and dinner was beyond my imagination! Great food, great service. It was a really amazing way to celebrate my 32nd birthday. I was very pleased. And tired.

So when we got home and I started for the bedroom, I think Tim was at a loss as to why I would forget about presents. I always remind him I don't need anything (which is true MOST of the time, but there was something I'd been dying without for the past few months: a watch). There were two presents on the dining table, one HUGE, one relatively small. True to form, both were just what I never knew I always wanted.

I love it when Tim gets creative, as he did for one of the gifts, which turned out really great! And of course, he picked up on my not-so-subtle hints that I really needed a watch and boy oh boy did he come through!! I love my new fancy watch!

What an awesome day. And what a great guy. I think I'll keep him around...

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