Saturday, March 2, 2013

I did Rocky Hill!!

I ran yesterday and today. Not that that's a big deal to much of the running world, but to me, it was a very good thing.

On Friday, I ran a few (around three) miles around my neighborhood; today, I ran Rocky Hill (cue "Eye of the Tiger").

"Rocky Hill," in this area, is generally the ONLY place to go for a hill of any kind; and the only time I've run it (well, this route, anyway) was last summer toward the end of the "Hell of a Half Marathon." That time, I ran this section downhill; this time, I ran up and down. Down was a lot more fun this time around. Go figure.

I even stopped to take pictures.

Well, I SLOWED to take pictures.

I can't believe how easy the downhill seemed. Because I went with a friend, I didn't know how far she wanted to go, or how much time she wanted to spend, I stopped at the top and stopped my RunBot, so the screenshot above is AFTER I restarted. I can't believe I averaged 8:45 or so on the downhill!! I haven't run that fast in a long time. (I'm very, very slow).)

Cute cows, right? Moo! I had to shout "moo" as I ran past them, because I'm a dork like that.

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